The leading UK sports channel delivering premium HD VOD sports programming in an OTT environment for free

Sports Channel Network is focused on aggregating a growing sports programming content proposition accessible via free to air TV, mobile and tablet platforms, it’s free to watch meaning no paid subscription or registration required.

Sports Channel Network, which launched in December 2017, is the first IP delivered VOD OTT channel dedicated to presenting premium sports programming in HD in an advertiser funded environment on Freeview and YouView (channel 266) in the UK.

"Formula E are proud to be working in partnership with Sports Channel Network who are at the forefront of creating an innovative destination for today's sports fan."

Ali Russell, Director of Media, Formula E

Sports Channel Network offers the consumer the opportunity to consume premium VOD sports content from over 20 categories ranging from action sports to fishing with over 800 hours of VOD programming available. New content is added weekly.

The content is presented in a simple unique interface allowing the consumer to navigate the channel options via their TV remote. Each series is categorised meaning the audience can easily choose what to watch from over 1700 episodes, all available in either HD or SD, of sports programming which includes weekly features, documentaries and event highlights.

The business partners with a plethora of federations, agencies, aggregators and production companies from all over the world who distribute high quality programming, including IMG and Sunset & Vine.

As the content is delivered via IP, the channel has the ability better understand and target the audience with advertising messages via a unique relationship with Google DFP.

The incredible channel growth is built on presenting relevant and timely content to an audience craving premium sports where they can determine what to watch and when across multiple devices, for free.

The channel will shortly be available on Android TV and via a web-based video player.

Sports Channel Network believes in the growth of the free UK TV market and delivering compelling sports content to the broadest possible audience.

Channel Network Portfolio:

  • Action
  • Sports Confidential
  • Red Bull Sports Events
  • ABC of…
  • adidas ROCKSTARS indoor bouldering
  • Cape Epic
  • F1 H20 Powerboat World Championships
  • Kite Masters
  • Red Bull Crashed Ice
  • Ride to the Roots
  • Send it
  • Timber Sports 2017
  • Ultimate Rush
  • Aquatic
  • Sailing World Cup
  • GKA World Kite Tour 2019
  • Alpe d’Huez Triathlon
  • Clipper Sailing – The Race of their Lives
  • F1 H20 Powerboat World Championship
  • GKA World Kite Tour 2019
  • Ironman Australia
  • Kite Masters
  • RC44 Championships Tour 2017
  • Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2017
  • Sailing World Championships
  • Speed Catamarans GC32 2018
  • The World Sailing Show
  • Tiree Wave Classic 2018
  • Basketball
  • FIBA World Basketball
  • Combat
  • Chikara: National Pro Wrestling Day
  • Chikara: Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes
  • Martial Arts Mavericks: Dream Warrior
  • Professional Fighters League
  • Chikara: Beware the Snowman
  • Chikara: Chikarasaurus Rex
  • Chikara: Clan Feuds
  • Chiakra: Egg Monsters From Mars
  • Chikara: Tag World Grand Prix 2018
  • Chikara: Young Lions Cup XIV – Stage 1
  • Chikara: Young Lions Cup XIV – Stage 2
  • Chikara: Anniversario – Hereos Shed No Tears
  • Chikara: Go Eat Worms
  • Chikara: The Johnny Kidd Invitational
  • Chiakra: King of Trios – Night 1
  • Chikara: Live at Energy First Stadium 18
  • Chikara: The Infinite Gauntlet
  • Enfusion 68
  • Enfusion 73
  • Enfusion 76
  • Total Combat
  • M-1 Challenge 89
  • Cricket
  • Hong Kong World Sixes 2017
  • Cycling
  • Tour of Oman
  • InCycle
  • Tour de Hongrie
  • Mont Ventoux Denivele Challenges
  • Hammer Series 2019
  • Eschborn-Frankfurt 2019
  • Santos Tour Down Under
  • The Pioneer Cycling Race 2019
  • Titan Desert by Garmin 2019
  • Tour of Turkey 2019
  • Tour of Yorkshire
  • Volta a Catalunya
  • eSports
  • Drone GP
  • Street Racers 2018 – 2019 Season
  • Julius Baer: The Business of Formula E
  • The Business of Formula E
  • Fishing
  • Carp Wars
  • Gone Fishin
  • Big Angry Fish
  • The Fishing TV Show
  • Sports Fishing with Dan Hernandez
  • Football
  • Life’s A Pitch
  • Extra Time
  • Golf
  • Long Drive World Series
  • Golfing World
  • Hockey
  • Inside the D
  • Galvanised Hockey
  • Mass Participation
  • Alpe d’Huez Triathlon
  • Superleague Triathlon Series
  • Motorsport
  • Andros Trophy 2019
  • FIA European Karting Championship 2019
  • FIA Karting Academy Trophy 2019
  • Dakar Series Merzouga Rally 2019
  • Street Racers 2018 – 2019 Season
  • The Inside Line
  • AutoSpeed
  • Julius Baer: The Business of Formula E
  • Tour Auto Optic 2000 2019
  • World’s Fastest Gamer
  • Mobil1 The Grid
  • Spa Classic
  • The Business of Formula E
  • Sailing
  • Sailing World Cup
  • Clipper Sailing – The Race of their Lives
  • RC44 Championships Tour 2017
  • Sailing World Championships
  • Speed Catamarans GC32 2018
  • The World Sailing Show
  • Tennis
  • Deuce
  • touchtennis 2017
  • touchtennis Tile Masters Cup 2018